"Noir By Brie Sade" Talks Brand New Website Launch


This has been in the works for over 8 months, I began blogging almost two years ago on my production company website Nelsonmerrittproductions.com and the public really took a liking to it, I had over 500 views in just the first few months.

My purpose for ever beginning to blog was truly to aspire and inspire others to express their true authentic selves, without judgement, with out a second thought. To be that whispering voice that shares looking or being a “social construct”, or the term normality is under rated, and originality is perfectly rated.


I fell in love with fashion at a young age, because I always had a difficult time communicating the way I felt via my interior to others on the exterior. Fashion, clothing, hair and accessorizing became my language.

This blog is way more then just about how the way I style particular looks and clothing; its about collaborating with other businesses to promote their brands and motivating others to express themselves whole heartily.

Services that I provide are:


Every styling/shopping plan includes an initial 30 minute style consult with Brie to determine the look, feel, and purpose of your existing style with expert advice on how to take it to the next level. Travel add-on options available.

  • Personal Shopping: Brie shops for pieces within your budget and delivers purchases to you with advice on different ways to style.
  • One-Time Styling: Brie will create a 5 looks using pieces you own and identify style holes in your wardrobe
  • Weekly Styling: Brie will create 3 different looks for you per week using pieces you already own and identify style holes in your wardrobe




Brie takes on the responsibility for the visual aesthetics for your photoshoot, event or production as determined by your brand and business needs. From booking models, setting up the scene, or directing the whole event, Brie leads the creative charge and ensures your event or set is a major success.




Send Brie pieces from your brand and she will use the product in a variety of ways and showcase different looks for your clothing products by writing articles about your brand and promoting them via social media. Brie promoting you on social media will help you gain more followers and increase your brand awareness.


If you'd like to keep up with Brie & her latest projects: her Instagram handle is @noirbybrie, you can find her on Facebook at "Brie Merritt", & her SnapChat is @Sierre1leone. Would you like to work with Brie? Her website is www.noirbybriesade.com <3