'The Greatest Showman's Sam Humphrey Talks Biggest Challenges


Sam Humphrey is without a doubt, Hollywood's lastest breakout star. Yes, you probably got a glance of him in Hugh Jackman's 'The Greatest Showman'. But do you REALLY know the actor behind General Tom Thumb? (fun fact: since humphrey was taller than the REAL tom thumb, he had to walk on his knees while his voice was altered to sound deeper.)

Sam was born with a rare genetic disorder called Acrodysplasia, a common form of dwarfism. As a child, he was also diagnosed with the inflammatory bowel condition Crohn’s disease. The young actor spent a majority of his life in hospitals and doctors’ offices for dozens of operations and tests. In a past interview, Humphrey admitted that he had attempted suicide several times, but with support from his family, his faith and his resilience, he was able to overcome his challenges and pursue his dream of becoming an actor.


PG: What was your biggest challenge while filming on “The Greatest Showman”? 

S: Well for me there were many challenges but I would say that the biggest challenge was learning the dance choreography and the singing; we spent 3 months in rehearsals learning all the choreography and the songs. It was very tough as I’m not a natural singer or dancer. I personally spent my days off rehearsing the dance movements and the song. I also found it quite challenging to learn to walk on my knees; it was quite a physically and mentally demanding task especially when most shooting days were at between 10 – 18 hours.

PG: Favorite Fan encounter?

S: My favorite fan encounter so far would have to be when I was at the Golden Globes. When I was at the top of the red carpet, this cute little girl who was wearing a red dress was having family photos before walking the carpet; when she saw me she smiled a cute little smile and waved at me. Later during the evening at the HBO after party, I was walking down the carpet doing photos and interviews when my publicist had mentioned that there was a fan who really wanted to meet me and was at the end of the carpet. It was the cute little girl from the red carpet that had smiled and waved at me, she was quite star-struck and very happy to have her photo taken with me. It was cool, because she saw earlier and was very cheerful to see me and I’m glad I could make her night. 


PG: Sam you’ve become an inspiration for not just those diagnosed with disabilities, but millions all over the world fighting to pursue their dreams. – What advice do you have for anyone overcoming hardships to chase their dreams?

S: Some advice that I would give is to follow your heart, but also be realistic for example if you want to be a race car driver but you’re blind; it’s very unlikely that it will happen. If this is what you really want in life, then chase the dream until you catch it. Keep pushing forward, don’t give up. You can re-write the stars, your fate and destiny is not set in stone, it is up to you to decide when and how you will peruse your dream.

Remember every no gets that much closer to a yes, especially in the acting industry; there can be so many factors in why you didn’t get the part… I have discovered that you need to have the right people around you to help you grow and to challenge you, having mentors which inspire and challenge you is a big part of how you will succeed. So having mentors around you are important but I think resilience, confidence and determination are the keys.  

The lessons I’ve learnt over the years to overcome hardship, is that your attitude is a huge factor is overcoming hardship; there are those that get dealt a bad hand but they chose not to let it affect their outlook on life nor does it stop them from achieving their goals and dreams. Use your challenges and hardship to help impacted the world in positive way, be an influence and an inspiration to the people around if not the world.


Fan Question From Alexis Holland: If you were to take on the role of another character in the movie, who would you play any why?

S: I honestly couldn’t think of taking on another role in the film, because my character’s story not only resonates with everyone but parallels with my own life’s journey and the hardships I’ve overcome; which I think is quite important and special to me that it parallels with the experiences which I’ve faced.

Fan Question from Hannah Bowens: What or who made you want to start acting?

S: So I starting wanting to get into acting when I was 8 years old which was when I first saw Hugh Jackman on screen for the first time in X-men, now I can’t exactly tell you why seeing him on the big screen resonated with me so much; perhaps it was because I wanted so badly to be wolverine like every other 8 year old boy but either way it struck an accord me and inspired me to pursue acting for real. So Hugh has been my favorite actor and my child hero since the age of 8, my inspiration to pursue acting; my co-star and now my good friend and personal mentor.

Malik Sosho of 'The Future Kings' Talks Dream Collab & Life on Tour


Whether you've seen Malik Sosho on TV, on YouTube, or dancing alongside "Ayo & Teo", you've seen him. Not only has this young dancer gone viral, but he's taken the internet by storm. America's Got Talent, MTV, countless music videos: I think it's safe to say that from busting moves online to busting moves on stage, this young man is unstoppable. 

PG: So I saw you & your team on BET at the Celebrity Basketball Game! Chris Brown was on the sidelines LITERALLY dancing with you guys. Have you seen it?

M: Yes I did he was going crazy, and shortly after he told us he was proud of all our growth.

[ You can watch the footage from the BET performance below. ]

PG: That's amazing, but if you could collab with ANY artist who would it be?

M: It would definitely be Chris Brown, and if MJ was still alive it would most definitely be him.

PG: Favorite fan experience?

M: It was when I was in Utah and I was performing. I threw my shirt into the crowd and they went crazy haha!


[ You can watch Malik's performance on Ellen, with Chance the Rapper, below. ]

PG: That's insane!! Do you miss being around family while you're traveling?

M: I always find myself thinking about my little siblings when I'm gone but I try not to think about them too much. I don't wanna be sad and stuff.

PG: Now when I saw your show in my hometown, you guys killed it. How much time do you think you guys spend rehearsing?

M: Honestly we go to soundcheck, make sure the speakers sound good, look at the stage, and leave haha. That day we didn't even get to do any of that, we literally just came and performed.

PG: Any future projects? I saw that you released a new song?!

M: Yeah actually the whole song thing was a surprise to me too. I didn't even think I would drop a song but for the most part me and my boys move in silence.

"The Future Kingz"

"The Future Kingz"

You can follow Malik on Instagram here & Twitter here <3

Why Kylee Russell Is "Forever Thankful" For Disney Role


PG: What was it like working with such an amazing cast on Girl Meets World? Favorite person to work with?

K: "Girl Meets World was SO much fun to work on! I loved every single person on that set! Cast and crew! They are all unbelievably talented and were an honor to work with. Plus I got to see Cory and Topanga in action. They will forever be couple goals!"


PG: Is it true you guest starred on Modern Family, but totally forgot to watch the episode? Haha, have you watched it yet? What was your experience like on set?

K: "YES!!  I guest starred on a Halloween episode, had the cutest costume (70's disco chick) and was in a scene with Rico Rodriguez. But yeah, I totally missed the episode and just kept missing it every time it came on and I've still yet to see it!"

PG: Out of everyone you’ve worked with, who do you stay in touch with the most?

K: "There's a good amount of people that I stay in touch with mainly through social media but I'd have to say KeKe Palmer. We were like family before Jump In and I absolutely adore her."


PG: What projects are you working on now?

K: "I can't say much on it now BUT it's an exciting one and can't wait for everyone to see it."

PG: You’re well known for your ADORABLE role as Karin from Jump In. How do you feel it’s played a part in your acting career today?

K: "Jump In definitely pushed me further in my career. And also reassured me that I wanted to act for the rest of my life. When it first came out I was no longer "Kylee", I was "the girl from Jump In" and I didn't mind. It was an amazing experience and I'm forever thankful."


PG: What your favorite fan interaction by far?

K: "I received a fan letter from Germany and she told me I inspired her to pursue her dreams. And reading/hearing that from fans truly makes my day and encourages me to never give up and keep on going."

PG: I’ve watched you blogs and I’m a long time subscriber! What advice do you have for others who want to start vlogging? What camera do you use?

K: "Oh no way!! Thank you! Well first things first, just be yourself! Post what YOU want to post and have fun with it. I always wanted to vlog but never started right away because I didn't think people would find my life interesting. But then I was like "you know what? I'm just doing this for fun! If people like it, great! If they don't, oh well." And I film on an iPhone 7! The camera is bomb!"


Tim Russ Talks Set Life "The Regulars On The Show Were Fantastic"


PG: What would you be doing if you weren't acting or producing?

Tim: I don't typically produce actually, I do direct on occasion. But if I wasn't doing either of those things, I'd probably be teaching. 

PG: You're a legend as Principal Franklin on iCarly. Can you tell me more about your experience on set? Experience with main characters? Any favorite moments/scenes/episodes?

Tim: The days on iCarly were typically long, and the producer would often make changes to the script right there on set while filming. The regulars on the show were fantastic, I can't say enough about how skilled, and disciplined they were given that they had so much work to do including school for some of them. I liked all the episodes, each one was a kick. 

Tim Russ as 'Principal Franklin' on iCarly

Tim Russ as 'Principal Franklin' on iCarly


PG: As Dr. Meyers on Hannah Montana, what was it like working with such talent? Miley Cyrus?

Tim: The Hannah Montana cast was also great to work with. Everybody got the job done, and they were gracious enough to take a picture with my daughter. Miley's dad is also a musician so we had that in common. 


PG: As a recurring character on Star Trek: the Voyager, what are your thoughts on the NEW Star Trek movies & stories. Of course, nothing is as good as its original ;)

Tim: The new series and films are designed for new audiences. That's the way things are now days. Everything is being re-booted. The new series starting 2017 will be seeking new audiences as well. So far, from what I've seen, the newer projects have been well written and produced.  


PG: What is the biggest life experience you've had over the years?

Tim: Nothing was more of a change in my life than having a daughter - that is quite the experience. But beyond that... I would say working on S.T. Voyager was an amazing experience in my career as an actor.    

PG: What are you working on now?

Tim: I am currently in post production on "Renegades Requiem" and the feature film, "Junkie" both of which I directed. I am in development on 3 other films, and awaiting the release of the feature film, "5th Passenger" which I played a supporting role in. 

Tim Russ starring in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Tim Russ starring in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Tim Russ starring in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

Tim Russ starring in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

Tim Russ starring in 'Family Matters'

Tim Russ starring in 'Family Matters'

Our Sit-Down with London Fashion Icon/Artist: Lucas


PG: I saw where you used the Newport Street Gallery in London as a style inspiration. Can you tell me more about your view on life imitating art?

L: Newport Street Gallery has been an inspiration mostly with it's Jeff Koons exhibition which really inspired me mostly from a coloristic point of view. In my vision actually art imitates life. We should all aspire to turn our lives into a work of art where the dark sides intertwine with the bright notes and which we always regard as an unfinished work, still in need to be perfected.

PG: What or who got you into modeling?

L: I started doing photography at 15 years old and practicing photography with one of my best friends @lastminutecouture. I found myself being behind and also in front of the camera. Then art school has offered me a context where I could model and then London. But modeling is not something I do on a regular basis even though I do have an agency and I collab with quite a big number of brands.


PG: Who's your style inspiration?

L: My style inspiration would be Lucky Blue Smith who I really look up to. I am also very fond of the Old Hollywood style, I will always believe that in a previous life I lived in those times, having dinner at Cipriani's in West Hollywood and driving a Chevy Malibu. 

PG: Five of your favorite summer trends: go!

L: Suede everything, white socks, highlights, turtlenecks on a rainy day, and obviously stan smiths.

PG: What's a typical day like for you?

L: A typical day can vary a lot. I can sit all day and watch Orange is the New Black on television or I can have 300 things to do at once, from meetings with an agent, going to a casting, to meetings with a music producer I work close with or doing a photoshoot for a blogger. I have branched out into several areas from fashion blogging, endorsing and photography to music and music production which is a very important thing for me so obviously it gets a bit crowded sometimes. I believe successful people wake up early and no matter when I go to bed I always wake up no later than 7 am usually 6:30. A daily workout is always there and I never forget to play the guitar for at least 15 minutes.


PG: As an independent musician how would you describe your music to other people?

L: In one word: personal. Everything and anything you hear or will hear from me is created entirely by me from lyrics to melody. I try to fight for my creative director role and it empowers me a lot to take an executive decision on my craft.

PG: What is it you want to say with your photographs & what advice do you have for someone that wants to go into photography?

L: With my photography I clearly search for my own edge. Unique or not it has to be your input and as long as you feel you've given your all in that creative process you're already on the right track. When it comes to photography after moving to London I realized how important team work is and how much I needed it. One advice would be do it with passion, always pay attention to what others are telling you and try to always upstage yourself and not others. Basically be the best version of yourself. 


Steven Grayhm Talks Set Life On 'White Chicks'


PG: You were cast as Russ in the movie "White Chicks". How did you react to getting the part?

S: I was actually quite shocked. I had just finished a stage production of HAMLET. I was still shaking off the after affects of playing the title role and all that comes with it. I honestly thought it was the last thing I would be cast in. In the end, I guess the director (Keenan Ivory Wayans) thought I was funny. For my final audition he was in the room and he encouraged me to really just go for it. So I did. And...the rest is history.

PG: I rewatched the movie before your interview and honestly the scene with Terry Crews where you roll out on a wheelchair is legendary. How many times did it take you to shoot it?

S: I think twice because we cracked up the first time. For the most part, that scene was actually improvised. I thought it would be funny if I appeared to look like a "violated prom queen". So, I had the hair department tease my hair. Ridiculous? Absolutely. But again, the artistic freedom we were given by our director was boundless.


PG: It's been rumored that White Chicks 2 would be coming sometime soon. In fact, Marlon Wayans has stated, "We're  thinking about it, actually seriously talking about doing it. It's the one thing that everybody begs us to do." If Sony does pick up the sequel, would you agree to star in it? 

S: I heard this news and was actually really surprised because both Marlon and Shawn underwent 8 hours of make up a day for those roles. It's tough because the make-up doesn't breathe and it obviously makes for really long days combined with shooting for 3-4 months. I love the character of "Party Boy" and more often than not, I'm stopped on the street by people quoting my lines who tell me how much they too love that character, too. Let's wait and see what happens! 


PG: Who was your favorite person on set to act with & why?

S: I think it's a tie between our director Keenan Ivory Wayans and my co-star Terry Crews. Keenan because he really made me come out of my shell. Try being funny at 6am in the morning with 300 extras in a scene. It's like doing a stand up act with no safety net. Well...Keenan WAS the safety net. He really built us up and always let us explore things in every scene. Terry because he was the most prepared actor on that set. He used to play professional football and I think his work ethic is cut from that cloth of being the hardest man working in the room. He continually surprised all of us on set with what he would come up with. FYI that dance he does in the nightclub - he had rehearsed and rehearsed the choreography leading up to that film day. That was his creation and he nailed it. 

PG: Can you tell us anything about a White Chicks reunion? 

S: I haven't heard anything about that...yet.


PG: What's your favorite fan moment?

S: Firstly, I don't like to think of anyone as a "fan". Maybe more like an enthusiast or a supporter of my work. There have been some pretty crazy moments where people have quoted lines to me in the bathroom of a restaurant. But I think the most touching was the time I was approached by a Best Buy employee who had told me that he had battled cancer - and won! He told me that WhiteChicks helped him get through all his difficult treatments because it put a smile on his face every day he was feeling down. I don't care what people say - if you can achieve that? That's a very beautiful thing! 

PG: Are you working on anything right now?

S: Yes. I am doing a show on Netflix called BETWEEN.

Yossie Mulyadi Talks 'Cara Delevingne' and 'Nat Wolff'


1. Okay let's be honest, how excited were you when you found out you got the role as the check out girl in the movie? I mean you got to interact with both Nat Wolff AND Cara Delevingne at the same time!

It was very very cool, they're very chill and easy to work with. The whole cast and crew were just the best ever!! I had a blast! 

2. How many times did it take to film the scene?

It was about two takes. 

3. Cara Delevingne is a personal favorite of mine. She's definitely one of my biggest inspirations. Cara's actually supposed to be launching a clothing line with Kendall Jenner soon. What was your favorite thing about her?

I love how real she is, she is who she is and doesn't care what other people think. 

4. What was your favorite thing about Nat? Is he the goofball that he seems to be?

Natt was really nice, they both have really good chemistry together and yeah he can be a goofball but also very professional when the cameras are rolling.


5. What was the message you got from such an inspiring film?

It's a great big world out there, with so much possibilities. 

6. Are you working on anything right now?

Currently I'm signed on to do a few Indies this year that are filming in the next couple of months. And I'm also in the middle of postproduction from my first web series.