Malik Sosho of 'The Future Kings' Talks Dream Collab & Life on Tour


Whether you've seen Malik Sosho on TV, on YouTube, or dancing alongside "Ayo & Teo", you've seen him. Not only has this young dancer gone viral, but he's taken the internet by storm. America's Got Talent, MTV, countless music videos: I think it's safe to say that from busting moves online to busting moves on stage, this young man is unstoppable. 

PG: So I saw you & your team on BET at the Celebrity Basketball Game! Chris Brown was on the sidelines LITERALLY dancing with you guys. Have you seen it?

M: Yes I did he was going crazy, and shortly after he told us he was proud of all our growth.

[ You can watch the footage from the BET performance below. ]

PG: That's amazing, but if you could collab with ANY artist who would it be?

M: It would definitely be Chris Brown, and if MJ was still alive it would most definitely be him.

PG: Favorite fan experience?

M: It was when I was in Utah and I was performing. I threw my shirt into the crowd and they went crazy haha!


[ You can watch Malik's performance on Ellen, with Chance the Rapper, below. ]

PG: That's insane!! Do you miss being around family while you're traveling?

M: I always find myself thinking about my little siblings when I'm gone but I try not to think about them too much. I don't wanna be sad and stuff.

PG: Now when I saw your show in my hometown, you guys killed it. How much time do you think you guys spend rehearsing?

M: Honestly we go to soundcheck, make sure the speakers sound good, look at the stage, and leave haha. That day we didn't even get to do any of that, we literally just came and performed.

PG: Any future projects? I saw that you released a new song?!

M: Yeah actually the whole song thing was a surprise to me too. I didn't even think I would drop a song but for the most part me and my boys move in silence.

"The Future Kingz"

"The Future Kingz"

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