STRETCH Your Coins This School Year!

School is back in session so it's time to make the dollar stretch a little further. Summer time fun allowed you to spend your coins on road trips, eating out and beach fun! Now it is back to the books! Lunches, late study sessions and weekend kick backs can nibble away at your pockets but playing smart can be in your favor.

Grill Marks -Best Burgers |

Grill Marks -Best Burgers |

Lunch Specials. When you get tried of the Wendy's Four for Four, check out local deli's and shops that offer student discounts or daily specials. Just like happy hour, many eateries have blue plate specials of good eats for every day of the week. You will be surprised how much you can get at Taco Tuesday or Club Sandwich Thursday. Don't let ten dollar lunches eat up your pockets.


Gently Used Fly. Don't sleep on Plato's Closet or Clothes Mentor. They have on trend fashions for guys and girls at great prices. Goodwill can be very hit or miss with quality and style. Meanwhile, the gently used consignment shops only take in current styles and seasons. They make sure the products are in good condition when they buy them in. You can find purses, book bags, shoes, dresses, separates and more! They even carry brands like Adidas, Nike, Lily Pulitzer, PINK and more. You can always find a outfit for a great price. Why pay department store prices? Snag a pair of Nike warm-ups for $20 instead of the retailed $50.

Uber Carpool. This tip is more for inner city movement. I only recommend Uber Carpool for short distances around the metro area of your town. Even more so with a buddy! Uber Carpools are the cheapest way to use Uber and can cut your Uber budget down. What can normally be a $15 solo ride can become a $5 dollar carpool ride. I don't recommend it for rural or far distances because I personally get uncomfortable sharing my space for that long. Overall , just be safe! 

Sell FB Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace can come in handy. Join your local swap and sell FB Group or sell on the main page of Facebook Marketplace. If you are selling clothes , furniture, appliances etc., you can post it and be connect to locals. Same as Uber, proceed with caution. ALWAYS meet your buyer in PUBLIC. A local CVS is perfect as they usually have small parking lots with good surveillance vs meeting in the back of a huge Walmart parking lot. AVOID going to someone house alone to pick up or sell anything.


Kayla Thompkins