our sit-down with london fashion icon/artist: lucas

our sit-down with london fashion icon/artist: lucas


PG: I saw where you used the Newport Street Gallery in London as a style inspiration. Can you tell me more about your view on life imitating art?

L: Newport Street Gallery has been an inspiration mostly with it's Jeff Koons exhibition which really inspired me mostly from a coloristic point of view. In my vision actually art imitates life. We should all aspire to turn our lives into a work of art where the dark sides intertwine with the bright notes and which we always regard as an unfinished work, still in need to be perfected.

PG: What or who got you into modeling?

L: I started doing photography at 15 years old and practicing photography with one of my best friends @lastminutecouture. I found myself being behind and also in front of the camera. Then art school has offered me a context where I could model and then London. But modeling is not something I do on a regular basis even though I do have an agency and I collab with quite a big number of brands.


PG: Who's your style inspiration?

L: My style inspiration would be Lucky Blue Smith who I really look up to. I am also very fond of the Old Hollywood style, I will always believe that in a previous life I lived in those times, having dinner at Cipriani's in West Hollywood and driving a Chevy Malibu. 

PG: Five of your favorite summer trends: go!

L: Suede everything, white socks, highlights, turtlenecks on a rainy day, and obviously stan smiths.

PG: What's a typical day like for you?

L: A typical day can vary a lot. I can sit all day and watch Orange is the New Black on television or I can have 300 things to do at once, from meetings with an agent, going to a casting, to meetings with a music producer I work close with or doing a photoshoot for a blogger. I have branched out into several areas from fashion blogging, endorsing and photography to music and music production which is a very important thing for me so obviously it gets a bit crowded sometimes. I believe successful people wake up early and no matter when I go to bed I always wake up no later than 7 am usually 6:30. A daily workout is always there and I never forget to play the guitar for at least 15 minutes.


PG: As an independent musician how would you describe your music to other people?

L: In one word: personal. Everything and anything you hear or will hear from me is created entirely by me from lyrics to melody. I try to fight for my creative director role and it empowers me a lot to take an executive decision on my craft.

PG: What is it you want to say with your photographs & what advice do you have for someone that wants to go into photography?

L: With my photography I clearly search for my own edge. Unique or not it has to be your input and as long as you feel you've given your all in that creative process you're already on the right track. When it comes to photography after moving to London I realized how important team work is and how much I needed it. One advice would be do it with passion, always pay attention to what others are telling you and try to always upstage yourself and not others. Basically be the best version of yourself. 

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