why kylee russell is "forever thankful" for disney role

why kylee russell is "forever thankful" for disney role


PG: What was it like working with such an amazing cast on Girl Meets World? Favorite person to work with?

K: "Girl Meets World was SO much fun to work on! I loved every single person on that set! Cast and crew! They are all unbelievably talented and were an honor to work with. Plus I got to see Cory and Topanga in action. They will forever be couple goals!"


PG: Is it true you guest starred on Modern Family, but totally forgot to watch the episode? Haha, have you watched it yet? What was your experience like on set?

K: "YES!!  I guest starred on a Halloween episode, had the cutest costume (70's disco chick) and was in a scene with Rico Rodriguez. But yeah, I totally missed the episode and just kept missing it every time it came on and I've still yet to see it!"

PG: Out of everyone you’ve worked with, who do you stay in touch with the most?

K: "There's a good amount of people that I stay in touch with mainly through social media but I'd have to say KeKe Palmer. We were like family before Jump In and I absolutely adore her."


PG: What projects are you working on now?

K: "I can't say much on it now BUT it's an exciting one and can't wait for everyone to see it."

PG: You’re well known for your ADORABLE role as Karin from Jump In. How do you feel it’s played a part in your acting career today?

K: "Jump In definitely pushed me further in my career. And also reassured me that I wanted to act for the rest of my life. When it first came out I was no longer "Kylee", I was "the girl from Jump In" and I didn't mind. It was an amazing experience and I'm forever thankful."


PG: What your favorite fan interaction by far?

K: "I received a fan letter from Germany and she told me I inspired her to pursue her dreams. And reading/hearing that from fans truly makes my day and encourages me to never give up and keep on going."

PG: I’ve watched your blogs and I’m a long time subscriber! What advice do you have for others who want to start vlogging? What camera do you use?

K: "Oh no way!! Thank you! Well first things first, just be yourself! Post what YOU want to post and have fun with it. I always wanted to vlog but never started right away because I didn't think people would find my life interesting. But then I was like "you know what? I'm just doing this for fun! If people like it, great! If they don't, oh well." And I film on an iPhone 7! The camera is bomb!"

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