5 Key College Tips

Written By: Mackenzie Cadden

Going into college, or any new adventure can be scary. These things can be applied to really any aspect of your life to help calm your anxiety and have peace of mind!

  • Don’t stress too much about what you’re bringing. Of course it’s important to bring the essentials, but if you forget your mascara or eyeliner, or a video game, your parents can mail it! 

  • Don’t worry about “reinventing” yourself. If you want to try new things and be a new you, go for it. But only if it’s FOR YOU. People in college, or a new workforce or anything as such, are new people. They’ll react to you differently and you can make friends based off who you really are without changing yourself. 

  • Keep things planned out. Being free is exciting. No parents telling you when to go where and what to do. However, you went to college to learn, not to party. So plan out your extra curricular events and make sure you have time for them. 

  • Take time for you. I know how exciting it is to have a new atmosphere, but you can’t forget yourself. With school work and new friends and new freedom, people tend to get overwhelmed and forget to take care of themselves. 

  • Bring something from home. As excited as you might be to leave, most everyone gets a little homesick. Make sure you bring something, even if it’s just a picture that can remind you of where you came from. It’ll help keep you grounded amongst all the new.