What I Wish I Would’ve Known: High School Senior


1. FASFA - The earlier you apply, the more money you are likely to get. Deadlines tend to open in October. This is federal money you can receive for college. For most colleges, filling out FASFA is a requirement, though you may not receive anything.

2. College isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it’s important to figure out your passions and pursue them ASAP!

3. Pursue your major, not the college. If no colleges in state offer your major, many out of state colleges that border your state will offer in-state tuition.

4. Most blog posts like these are accurate, take the information.

5. People say senior year is the easiest...this is a lie! It is not a good idea to slack off your senior year because then you won’t feel motivated to work on your college applications.

6. Do not be scared to ask your teachers to edit your essays! It’s their job to help you succeed.

7. Many scholarships that you have to write essays for are overlooked, so take advantage!

8. Your teachers can help with college advice, they’ve been.

9. Just breath.

10. Don’t take too much to heart, next year will be full of new beginnings and new people.

Mackenzie Cadden