Shine Your Light


Imagine laying in your bed - hitting snooze for the third time. In that moment you contemplate, “ Is this job/class really worth it?”. The next second, you get a text that says “ The ‘Gotta Dos’ get us to the ‘Get to Dos’. You stop to ponder on that thought and it gives you a boost. That boost just got you out of bed with enough time to get ready and grab your favor latte on the way to your ‘Gotta Do’. That boost is the mission of Shine founders Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi to tackling the world’s confidence gap one text at a time.


Shine is a daily text service that blasts affirmations + action tips to help you live your best life. They push you to acknowledge where you are but strive to be the best you. In this day in age, there is a major blur between social media feeds and reality. The side effects of that blur have raised concerns with our generation’s confidence, mental health and feeling of purpose.

"Through Shine, we help normalize the daily human struggles we all face. For example, 'Am I doing a good job?' 'How can I prevent burnout?' 'Am I speaking up for myself enough?' 'How can I make sure to take care of myself first?'" the co-founders told "We help people start their day with intentionality to feel their best selves, to balance their big, aspirational, and meaningful lives."

Shine founders Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi | PopSugar

Shine founders Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi | PopSugar

The texts messages include GIFs and Quotes that uplift the go-getter in you. They cover confidence, daily happiness, mental health and productivity. Give a handclap to the diverse girl power in the tech industry!

I have been using Shine since 2016. I have seen the impact that Shine can have. I put a lot of my friends onto Shine. I would get messages from my friends like, “How did they know this was what I needed? Have they been stalking me?” No, Shine hasn’t been stalking you. They know that you are not alone with how you feel. We are ALL tipping on this tight rope of life balance. It’s does wonders for them to say “Hey girl, I SEE you and you CAN do it!” Click here to Join my Shine Squad !

Shine has now evolved into an app where YOU can set the time of your daily motivation! I get mine every morning at 7am as I prep my mind to hustle myself and a 2 year old out the house. That is a work day in itself!  You may need to set it for your mid-day pick me up or nightly recovery routine.The Shine website has several articles that touch on every aspect of life Hustle, Chill, Grow and Play. Two of my favorite articles right now are ‘8 Weird Ways to set Intention of the Go’ and 'The Delicate Dance of Self-Love and Big Ambitions.’

Kayla Thompkins